Who Lights up the Earth – Orion Nebula

Who Lights up the Earth - Orion Nebula

The light considered here is the light that allowed us to build the Hubble Space Telescope, from which the photo was taken, from which this painting was made. The Rabbis understood the world to be a big place, but they had no idea that our universe extends at least 13.7 billion light years away from us in every direction. The sound card from a video game in the lower right is another nod to technology.
Orion is mentioned twice in the Book of Job, which argues against the concept of divine reward and punishment. The words of the prayer on this panel are pure praise of God’s goodness. Jews over the ages have struggled with this assertion.
The script used is copied from one of the Dead Sea Scrolls from the first century BCE. The four-letter name of God is written in paleo-Hebrew, a more ancient script, as was done in some of the Qumran scrolls.